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CH Products Multi Function Panel (MFP) For PC


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Product SKU: 35390

Manufacturer: CH Products. I need more buttons! Have you ever had that thought before? Ever wished you didn't have to remember what the key combination Shift-Ctrl-Alt-k does? Are you tired of trying to remember that MS Office Excel formula or perhaps you're frustrated with reaching for an awkwardly placed keyboard whilst furiously knife fighting your way through a furball? Spreadsheets and simulation game titles are notorious for requiring large numbers of key commands, and the burden of remembering them all is placed on the user. Not anymore! With CH Products Multi Function Panel (aka MFP), you're limited only by your imagination and no longer by a traditional keyboard layout - which is fine for typing, but far from ideal when you need more buttons than a 101 key keyboard can possibly provide.

This MFP allows flight sim flyers to design their own cockpits, or duplicate the cockpits from existing aircraft like the ME109, P51, FA-18, F-16, 707 or 747. You can emulate avionics panels, comm panels and GPS panels with the wireless display. Perhaps you're into simulation racing? The MFP can be made to replicate the buttons on an F1 cars steering wheel and cockpit. Perhaps you're an avid FPS player? Well, this MFP suits you too! Use the customisable keys to indicate clearly the right buttons to add a silencer to your rifle or pistol, reload and change mags or even just for your favourite purchases from your arms dealer in Counter Strike. This technology allows 25 different key mappable buttons to be placed anywhere on the base which connects to your PC via USB. You can even go all out and design your own glass cockpit by connecting up to 16 MFPs to your PC at once! You'll gain the upper hand with this totally revolutionary, fully programmable keyboard designed specifically for gamers.

Expanding on the role of the traditional keyboard, the MFP allows the gamer to program individual keys to emulate any combination of the following: Keystrokes, joystick buttons, mouse buttons, Joystick axis & mouse axis. Each wireless, programmable key is reusable, inexhaustible and can be removed and repositioned anywhere on the MFP tray enabling a completely new customizable layout for each of your gaming needs.

The CH Products MFP is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems from Windows98 onwards. Button functionality requires the installation of the included control manager software.

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